Wet 'N  Reckless Brewing, LLC

Beer with an attitude

     Come and enjoy our one of a kind beers at the tasting room

      New hours: Thursday-Friday 3:30-10pm,    Saturday 2:00-10:00pm

      10054 Mesa Ridge Court, Suite 132, San Diego, CA 92121      


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Beer is good

                      - Socrates

Just as Socrates understood the significance of beer to the human
spirit we hope the philosopher in you will choose to come to our brewery for the inspiration you need




Beer makes me feel smarter

                      - Albert Einstein

When Albert wasn't sorting out the underpinnings of the universe, he spent many an evening tipping back a pint in his favorite pub.   Could someone have conceived of curved space without the help of beer?   If you're interested in feeling a little smarter, come by our tasting room and have one of our offerings.


Need we say more?

Beer makes me brave

                      - Evil Kneivel

Need we say more?


Located in Sorrento Mesa, between Mira Mesa and Sorrento Valley, we are the newest and smallest nanobrewery in San Diego.  Put together on a shoestring and just making beer.