Like no other brewery you've ever been to
Beer with an attitude
Hours & Location


Reckless Brewing Company


Hours of Operation:

Thursday 4-10pm

Friday 4- 10 pm

Saturday 3-10 pm



9040 Carroll Way, Suite 8

San Diego, CA 92121

contact us at:  or   (858) 876-7557


Mira Mesa Brewery/Miramar Brewery

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What’s on Tap

12 of the following beers are on tap right now.   I initially planned to have the current beers constantly updated, but unfortunately they change constantly and I just keep forgetting to update this list.   I’m sorry, but you will just need to come in to find out for sure.


  • Honey Badger Don’t Care
  • Oral Pleasure
  • Dude Abides Rye
  • More Cowbell
  • Destroyer of Worlds
  • Golden Boy
  • Harmless Fun
  • Down and Out Stout
  • Merlout
  • Precious Endeavour
  • Crazy Stupid Bitch
  • Applicious Ale
  • Beowulf’s Mead

This week on tap - Mira Mesa Brewery

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Brewery Highlights

Trivia Night Second and Forth Thursdays of Every Month Starting at 6:30!


Things you can do at Reckless Brewing:

Enjoy the beer.

Make new friends

Enjoy more beer

Play games

Enjoy beer even more



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